Just another blog…

Welcome to  my blog; a place to share my rambling thoughts, anecdotes about my two amazing children, pictures of the things I have made and hopefully a few recipes, patterns and tutorials along the way.

Firstly a little about me; my name is Natalie and I live in deepest darkest Somerset (Oh OK, slightly rural/ suburban Somerset) with my husband David and our two children Lyra (5 1/2) and Logan (3 1/2). I dabble in a variety of crafts including crochet, needle felting, sewing and even a little knitting and am pretty good at what I do. Last year I made several Christmas presents and have just started to do the same this year, there really isn’t anything quite like giving something that you have made with love. Whenever I have the time I also love to bake and enjoy trying out new recipes and adapting them either a little or a lot, usually successfully (the cross between digestive biscuits and hobnobs that I made earlier today were lovely) but nobody is perfect! I love to find out more about nature and the world around us with my children… and also about the past and my family history…. and about interesting scientific theories. In fact you could say that I am addicted to learning new things whatever the area and love to share new things that I have learned.

Of course there is more that I could say but this is bound to be the essence of my Blog. I hope you enjoy, do feel free to say hi!

TTFN! xxxxxxx




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