Getting back to the hooking

It’s been a while since I’ve manged to take the time to create very much so I’m really pleased that I seem to have my Mojo back. It is my sister’s birthday at the end of this week so she visited over the weekend. I decided that I would make her a present instead of buying her something that she might not like and that took very little thought (It would probably have ended up being a book since she is addicted. It’s a problem Genni!!)

Since she is allergic to wool I decided to dip into my stash of 100% cotton yarn to put something together for her. Deciding to make a lighter filet crochet design I drew up a grid and designed a repeating pattern to follow (see below. The white boxes show the gaps int he filet pattern.)

I used a fine 4ply cream coloured cotton yarn as the main body of the scarf and edged the scarf with a scallop pattern in the same yarn and embellished the ends with brightly coloured flowers, leaves and a single butterfly, using the same colours along with the cream yarn for the fringe….

What do you think? I was very pleased with the result and would have loved to have had it for myself, which is a good sign, though it took me all week to make so I doubt I will end up with a similar scarf myself any time soon! It is nice and light for this time of year so should get more wear than a hot, fluffy acrylic blend and is, of course, unique! Here’s a slightly bigger image of the embellishments;

I’m happy to say that my sister was really pleased with her present and it really suited her, which has really given me motivation to get back to creating… so watch this space…!


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