Easy Peasy Ghosts for Halloween – Kids’ Craft

We have been decorating the house for Halloween today and I had a bit of a brainwave about something simple to make with my 5-year-old; little hanging ghost decorations! They really are super simple and you will probably have everything you need already…..

Materials Needed

Scrap of white fabric (you could use an old sheet) if it’s ragged around the edges that’s fine – in fact it looks more “ghostly”
A black fabric pen or permanent marker
Scrap paper
a bit of fine thread or elastic.

1. find the middle of your bit of fabric and draw a ghostly face a couple of cm below the middle. Make sure you lean on the scrap paper so you don’t mark the table!

2. Scrunch the scrap paper into a ball. Cut a length of the elastic/ thread and tie the ends together so it makes a big loop. Securely attach the loop, over the knot, with the sticky tape.

3. Snip a small hole in the middle of your piece of fabric carefully with the scissors. For younger children a grown up should probably do this but my 5-year-old could do this by herself.

4. thread the elastic/ thread through the hole so the paper ball is underneath and the face is on the top side.

5. hang your ghost up somewhere that he / she can surprise unsuspecting visitors! Wooooooooo!

Have fun!


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