Christmas Countdown; 40 sleeps.

This is a craft that’s great to do with children, especially if they are old enough to cut quite accurately by themselves. My 5 (nearly 6) year old daughter can cut out most of it by herself but needs help with the more fiddly bits….


1. Firstly print the template below onto thin card; then cut along the solid lines but leave the dotted lines uncut.


2. Turn the paper over so the lines are on the back. Draw a face and hair (or you could stick a bit of wool on for hair instead) on the small circle in the middle and decorate the dress and wings (in the top picture they look very plain don’t they, I usually go for a bit of glitter for this sort of thing). If you want to decorate the arms make sure you do this on the other side of the paper.

3. Glue along the tab and line it up with the edge of the dress on the other side, with the dotted line of the glue tab lined up along the edge as a guide to keep it straight.

4.  Fold the arms around to the front and glue the hands to the dress.

5. Fold the wings so they are resting just behind the head on each side. I find they stay upright better if I put a bit of sticky tape across both folds.

And there you are, it’s very easy and makes a sweet little Christmas decoration. If you like you could attach a bit of ribbon on the inside to hang it from your Christmas tree.



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