Christmas Countdown; 34 sleeps…. Quilted advent calendar.

I would be the first to admit that I really don’t have the patience for quilting; It’s hard work  and  time consuming and so on. However for the past few years I have wanted to make a very special advent calendar, made from fabric taken from my children’s old Christmas clothes, and this will involve quilting. Unsurprisingly I have ended up putting it off until it’s simply too late each year; once it’s December you need a calendar up and running so the children have ended up with those shop-bought chocolate ones. Not the same…. Until now.

Yes that’s right, folks, this particular project has been 2 days in the making and resulted in one of my sewing machines’ pedal almost catching fire. The pressure was intense. The embroidered numbers are still to be finished. BUT I think it’s fabulous and am so pleased with it so with no further ado;


This picture doesn’t really show its size (just under 70 x 70cm) and the light doesn’t do the bright & festive colours justice. Yes I know my stitching isn’t the straightest but it WAS done primarily on my 1906 vintage Singer so I was guiding the folds through the machine & trying to keep it straight one handed… Not bad for a first attempt at quilting really. I can’t wait to get all of the numbers embroidered & fill its 25 little pockets with goodies ready for December!

Do let me know what you think & share your own advent calendars if you have made one.


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