Christmas Countdown; 27 sleeps….. Sharpie advent candles

Yes, that’s right. Advent candles can be very expensive but they are something we really like to have each year… I had a bit of a brainwave earlier and thought they would probably be very easy to make yourself. All you would need is a plain candle (mine are from Ikea & 20cm tall) Sharpies or similar permanent pens and a ruler to make sure the marks you make are evenly spaced…..

As you can see I made one slightly more traditional, with plain numbered lines and a “wreath” around the bottom. The other is a decorated Christmas tree with the numbers going up the centre (there are more decorations to the sides as the tree sticks out more at the bottom.

Though this was really quick and easy to make I would really leave it up to adults or older children as you really do need to use permanent pens or the picture will rub off very quickly. If you make a mistake you can simply scratch away the ink in that patch (try not to dig into the wax too much)

What do you think? Do let me know if you try it 🙂


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