24 sleeps to Christmas; Festive fun & wreath making.

It’s the first of December and Christmas is most definitely in the air – not just in my house now! This morning the children had their first chocolate from our advent calendar, and were delighted to receive replies to their letters to Father Christmas. In the afternoon we went for a walk to our local park and collected a selection of greenery for our wreath (the circular willow base was made a few weeks ago on an autumnal walk). When we got home I set the children painting a couple of pine cones, dug my glue gun out and began to attach the greenery to the base bit by bit…. And this is the finished wreath;



This may not be the most symmetrical, bushy and professional looking wreath ever but it is the first that I have properly made myself and I think it looks just fine for our little front door. It is waiting to be put up in the morning, which my little festive spirited girl is very excited about.

Of course in the evening we burned the advent candle for the first time and had a very impatient little girl who was desperate to blow it out! I’m so pleased that I thought to decorate this candle like this as I really think it looks lovely.



How has your first day of December been?


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