18 sleeps to Christmas… Keeping busy!

Next Friday my little lady’s school are holding their Christmas fair, which is fab. Somehow I have ended up on the Christmas fair committee though so the fab is more stress right now. It’s amazing how much organisation goes into this sort of thing. I am primarily responsible for the (new and introduced by me) craft area, however there are signs to organise, activities and prizes to arrange, volunteers to recruit and co-ordinate etc etc.

Not that I’m using this as an excuse o avoid crafting things myself; I have attempted double knitting for the first time, made half a dozen crochet snowflakes and a couple of crochet stars, though the lack of suitable merino wool meant I was unable to make felt gingerbread constructions… It’s my birthday on Monday though so I am hoping that ill be able to fit in some much wanted creative time, which poorly children and varied commitments have prevented lately… Here’s hoping!

Until I next get a moment here are the snowflakes (in appalling quality as the light is so bad and my camera phone is not the best)
I got the pattern from attic24, Lucy is very inspirational to me so do pop by and check her out 🙂



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