6 sleeps to Christmas!

The last week has been a flurry of festive making, Christmas Fayre preparation and my birthday. I am starting to feel significantly more prepared for the main event; all of the children’s presents are wrapped and safely tucked away in the attic and I only have a couple more gifts to buy or make for other people. I’ve even done the big Christmas shop, cleaned the fridge and defrosted the freezer!!

Our Christmas routine since having children had been as follows; Christmas Eve spent with my family, full Christmas dinner made by my dad and Christmas cake made by me (its been steeping several weeks!). Christmas Day is just us at home, though people are welcome to pop by we don’t travel to anyone. We have party food (All ready & waiting in the freezer already, go me!) so I don’t have to do much cooking and the children open a mountain of presents. Boxing Day we visit my hubby’s family for more presents and more good food… 3 whole days of presents and feasting and family is a wonderful thing to enjoy and especially good since I’m not working Christmas this year.

What do you do around Christmas time?


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