Birthday Cake….

I love cake. I love baking it, I love eating it and I LOVE decorating it. Of course this can be very challenging when you have small children “helping” and imposing time limits based on their ability to entertain themselves. However I have managed to decorate 3 birthday cakes so far this year; one for each of my children and one for my lovely husband whose birthday is, in fact, today….

Today’s “pigs in mud” chocolate fudge cake;

Pig cake

A Spiderman/ Hulk/ Bob the Blob themed cake for my little boy…

Spidey & Hulk cake

And  Merida for my daughter. (this one was made while looking after a very poorly little boy and the marzipan sank somewhat making Merida look rather porky!!)

Merida cake


Do you enjoy cake decorating or would you rather buy one decorated? My sister and her fiance have asked me to make and decorate their wedding cake when they marry next year, which will be the biggest baking challenge I have encountered by a great deal!

How about you?


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