Autumn Felt Garland

Autumn garlandGarlands are a super easy way to make beautiful decorations and they really couldn’t be simpler to make. This is how I made the felt garland in the picture;

1. Cut a pile of leaf shapes from felt in various autumnal colours (you can easily find leaf templates online but I cut my leaves out free hand).

2. Sew down the centre of your first leaf. When you have reached the opposite end of the leaf feed the next leaf under the foot of your sewing machine and sew down the middle of that leaf.

3. Repeat, varying the colour of the leaves as you go.

4. Once you run out of leaves continue sewing for a few inches to make it easier to hang your garland.

And that’s it; the same method can be used to create a garland of any theme that you can imagine. I have made paper garlands before by recycling old magazines with colourful pictures and sewing several layers together at once for a more 3D effect.

Let me know if you give it a go!




Well hello there strangers…

I really haven’t been making very much over the past several months and had serious laptop issues preventing me from posting easily… That and laziness of course. And the fact that Autumn & Winter are much more natural crafty times for me.

HOWEVER; my wonderful hubby has bought me a lovely new laptop and I’ve been getting my crochet hooks/ needle felting mat/ felt bag out occasionally again so I’m going to be posting some of this year’s creations once I start being productive.

I will also be organising a School Christmas Fayre AND a Christmas Bazaar for a preschool over the coming weeks so may be feeling festive a tad earlier than a lot of people. Who am I kidding; in the crafty world we tend to start on Christmas months ago; I’m LATE!

TTFN, back soon!