17 sleeps to Christmas; another gift

Just a quick one tonight; this little cat is destined to be attached to a brooch back as a gift for my mother in law. Of course I have just had to order more brooch backs but we will get there in the end!


Not too horrendous quality picture for once on my phone!


18 sleeps to Christmas… Keeping busy!

Next Friday my little lady’s school are holding their Christmas fair, which is fab. Somehow I have ended up on the Christmas fair committee though so the fab is more stress right now. It’s amazing how much organisation goes into this sort of thing. I am primarily responsible for the (new and introduced by me) craft area, however there are signs to organise, activities and prizes to arrange, volunteers to recruit and co-ordinate etc etc.

Not that I’m using this as an excuse o avoid crafting things myself; I have attempted double knitting for the first time, made half a dozen crochet snowflakes and a couple of crochet stars, though the lack of suitable merino wool meant I was unable to make felt gingerbread constructions… It’s my birthday on Monday though so I am hoping that ill be able to fit in some much wanted creative time, which poorly children and varied commitments have prevented lately… Here’s hoping!

Until I next get a moment here are the snowflakes (in appalling quality as the light is so bad and my camera phone is not the best)
I got the pattern from attic24, Lucy is very inspirational to me so do pop by and check her out 🙂


21 Sleeps To Christmas – Some Christmas Presents….

Christmas is 3 weeks today! Alongside the usual preparations that everybody else is also undertaking I have a school Christmas Fayre that I am organising and preschool Christmas events that I am very much involved in. I am also making a reasonable number of Christmas presents (that’s right; I’m not just doing decorations!) and thought it was about time to share some of these.

Firstly I’m very sorry that these aren’t the best of quality photos; they were taken on my phone and the light simply is not good enough at the moment to produce much better even on my nice camera. The gifts I’m sharing today have all been made for children who are very unlikely to stumble upon this page so are safe to share.

First up is a little needle felted Merida doll for my little lady (who has asked Father Christmas for a Brave archery set!);

needle felt merida from BraveSecond, and also for my daughter, is my first ever Fairy Door. I loved making this and am very pleased with the result. The little heart window is made from glow in the dark Fimo so will magically glow at nighttime! Fairy Door with glow int he dark windowThis little bear is made from fleece, with stitched on features and a tulle skirt. It’s for the 9-month-old daughter of some very good friends;ballerina bearThis crocheted octopus was made with no pattern (like most of my crochet work!) and is for her big brother. His favourite colour is yellow and since he is over 3 I used proper toy safety eyes;crochet octopusWhat do you think? I’m very pleased with these presents and hope their recipients will like them as much as I do! I know my daughter is an excellent person to make gifts for as she LOVES anything I make for her and holds them very precious to her. Since these are tailored to her likes hers are both sure to meet with a warm reception. Have you made any gifts this year? It’s a wonderful thing to do if you get the chance 🙂

24 sleeps to Christmas; Festive fun & wreath making.

It’s the first of December and Christmas is most definitely in the air – not just in my house now! This morning the children had their first chocolate from our advent calendar, and were delighted to receive replies to their letters to Father Christmas. In the afternoon we went for a walk to our local park and collected a selection of greenery for our wreath (the circular willow base was made a few weeks ago on an autumnal walk). When we got home I set the children painting a couple of pine cones, dug my glue gun out and began to attach the greenery to the base bit by bit…. And this is the finished wreath;



This may not be the most symmetrical, bushy and professional looking wreath ever but it is the first that I have properly made myself and I think it looks just fine for our little front door. It is waiting to be put up in the morning, which my little festive spirited girl is very excited about.

Of course in the evening we burned the advent candle for the first time and had a very impatient little girl who was desperate to blow it out! I’m so pleased that I thought to decorate this candle like this as I really think it looks lovely.



How has your first day of December been?

Christmas Countdown; 25 sleeps…. The stockings

Here I am, cheating again! I made stockings for my children over 3 years ago when Logan was a baby but am unabashedly proud of them so thought I would share them here….

homemade stockings

Since we took them down from the attic last weekend Lyra has cuddled hers in bed every night; she’s always an appreciative recipient of anything that I care to make. I wonder what she will think of her homemade presents?!

And that is going to be the theme of my countdown for December; homemade Christmas gifts as well as the occasional decoration. To prevent spoiling surprises I will share some pictures from last Christmas too as some people may otherwise stumble upon something for them!!

Christmas Countdown; 27 sleeps….. Sharpie advent candles

Yes, that’s right. Advent candles can be very expensive but they are something we really like to have each year… I had a bit of a brainwave earlier and thought they would probably be very easy to make yourself. All you would need is a plain candle (mine are from Ikea & 20cm tall) Sharpies or similar permanent pens and a ruler to make sure the marks you make are evenly spaced…..

As you can see I made one slightly more traditional, with plain numbered lines and a “wreath” around the bottom. The other is a decorated Christmas tree with the numbers going up the centre (there are more decorations to the sides as the tree sticks out more at the bottom.

Though this was really quick and easy to make I would really leave it up to adults or older children as you really do need to use permanent pens or the picture will rub off very quickly. If you make a mistake you can simply scratch away the ink in that patch (try not to dig into the wax too much)

What do you think? Do let me know if you try it 🙂